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SEO - How To Rank #1 On Google with Chelsea Allport from Star Marketing Solutions

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Did you know that 91% of website pages never get seen? That's pretty scary, right? In today's episode I'm joined by Chelsea Allport from Star Marketing Solutions who shares her expertise, tips and tricks on how to ensure this never happens to you and instead, how to get your business "found" and ranking #1 on Google!


+ What is SEO (and no, it's not a hashtag!)

+ How to get Google to fall in love with your business and rank at #1

+ How SEO helps your customers 'find' your website

+ The power of SEO when combined with blogging + Plus, so much more!

If you've loved what you've heard and want to know how Chelsea and her team at help you 'shine on social' and rank #1 on Google?

Head below to the 'LINKS AND RESOURCES' section to find all the details on how to contact Chelsea at Star Marketing Solutions. Make sure you mention the code STARSEO and receive a complimentary consultation (value of $275) with any service booking!


Want to get in touch or follow Chelsea, our guest speaker, on this episode? Here are her links!

1. Discover more about what makes Chelsea and how her team can help you connect with more customers through branding, content, socials and blogging

2. Book any service with Chelsea and her team, mention STARSEO an receive a complimentary consultation (valued at $275), 3. 'Like' and 'Follow' her Facebook Page,

4. 'Follower' her on Instagram,


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Join my brand new, 12 month Facebook Selling System Mastermind and take advantage of our special pre-launch bonuses

3. PM Lou on Facebook - let's chat!

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