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My name is Lou – I am a Business Strategist & Digital Marketing Coach who is passionate about teaching women who own online businesses how to harness the power of social media to turn their followers into paying customers & clients.

You see, I believe that we deserve to create and live a life that we CHOOSE!

Where we wake on a Monday morning excited about the week ahead or stay up late on a week night watching Netflix & not having to worry about being tired at work the next day.

I believe we all deserve to have the “time” to focus on what really matters in life, such has our health, our family, our friends.. & I believe we deserve to choose our financial worth, not have it set for us by someone at the top of the corporate ladder.

Setting our own financial goals where we work in our own businesses, focused on lifestyle & financial abundance, not becoming stuck in the corporate rat race because we have bills to pay & mouths to feed!

Above all else, I believe that we, as women, truly deserve to have it all.

To feel proud of our career ambitions, to chase our dreams, leaving a belief & legacy for generations to come.

I believe we can have our dream partner & the family where not only do we financially contribute but more importantly be a present partner & mother as our children grow up.

I believe we deserve to choose when we want to work & from where. Having the opportunity to explore the world, drink cocktails on exotic beaches & spread our mission to those for lifetimes to come.

And… I believe if you are reading this, it is not by accident. Instead by fate/pure luck or whatever you want to call it & that you too believe that life is to “Live What You Love”.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch now, I'd LOVE to talk to you!

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"Louise cares about the people she works with. She goes into your business and makes your goals hers with all the energy and passion that she can give you. If you’re considering working with her I’m telling you to do it!"

— Patricia Michelena, National Director of Digital Media at AIESEC Australia

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