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Do You Need To Pay To Play With Your Business On Facebook?

Need eyes on your business? How does 1.6 billion sets of eyes sound?

Okay, so maybe you can’t conceivably reach every single daily active Facebook user on the planet!

But, there’s no denying that the social media platform is one of the best marketing tools around!

But with changing algorithms and dwindling organic reach, is it necessary to pay boost your business

on Facebook?

Luckily, the answer is no. You don’t have to pay to play.

Although paid advertising ca

n be beneficial, there are plenty of ways to connect with your audience

and build your brand with even the tightest of budgets.

Let’s look at some strategies for building your business on Facebook that don’t cost a cent.

Do You Need To Pay To Play With Your Business On Facebook?

Create Useful, Relevant Content

This is rule number one whether you are creating a paid campaign or not. No matter how much (or

little) you invest, it’s going to be wasted if your content isn’t of interest to the viewer.

People follow business brands because they get something out of the posts. Whether it's because

they learn about something, finding out about a sale on products they use or getting a laugh from a

relevant video or meme.

Whatever you post, ensure that the content is true to your brand and voice, and of value to your

audience. Then you are already halfway there!

Boost Engagement With Contests Or Giveaways

Everybody loves a freebie or a great deal, so you can strategically use your Facebook Page to give

people what they want. Contests and special offers can be a great way to boost engagement for

minimal investment (other than the chosen prize if you are opting for a contest.)

A great way to leverage people’s

love of a freebie is to set the contest up in a way that encourages

your followers to take action, such as liking your page, sharing the post, and/or commenting. This

increases your reach, should give you some new followers, and creates a bit of buzz around your


Even better than that, you can use it to build your email list at the same time. Gather email

addresses as a condition or entry so that you can market to your people across another marketing

channel. Use the giveaway tactic sparingly to maximise the return. Obviously, you want people to

pay for your products or services as a rule of thumb!

Put Your Other Platforms To Work

Once you have your business on Facebook, there are many ways to leverage it.

If you have created an amazing blog post or YouTube video, encourage people to share it by making

it easy. Add social media sharing buttons to your website and blog posts.

You can also add Facebook links to your email signature and other social media platforms, as well as

physical marketing materials such as flyers and business cards.

Post Regularly

Don't give up on posting just because you assume nobody will see your content without paid

advertising. Plenty of people

use Facebook to research products and brands, so they will likely visit

your page when looking at options.

Would you rather they find a barren wasteland with very little activity, or a newsfeed brimming with

interesting posts, relevant shares, and lots of useful information?

Get On Board With Groups

Pages are fantastic for giving your business a spot on Facebook, but don't forget about the power of

groups! Creating your own group can be an excellent way to build an engaged community and

position yourself as an authority.

However, having your own group is not mandatory. You can get great mileage out of existing groups.

If you don't want to lead your own group, consider if there might be a useful group that you could

be a part of. It may be an opportunity for professional networking or connecting with likeminded


Utilise Your Network

Often, it’s not that people don’t want to share your posts, it’s that they just forget as they are

trapped in the endless scroll of Facebook! They are also not mind readers and may not realise you

want the content shared. Don’t be shy to ask people to share your blog posts, videos, or other

engaging content.

You can even ask your employees, partners, friends and family if they can share your posts on their

personal Facebook profiles to help you reach a wider audience if the content is fitting.

Embrace The Extras

Facebook has thoughtfully provided us with various ways to connect with one another. From pages

and groups to stories and Facebook Live. Get experimenting and use them! Stories and Lives are a

fantastic way to give people an authentic behind the scenes look at your business and really build a

connection between you and your audience.

Engage With Your Business On Facebook

Facebook loves nothing more than a good old dose of engagement - meaning likes, comments,

shares, and conversations. Try and create content that starts a conversation and encourages people

to act rather than just keep scrolling.

And don't forget to keep the conversation going! Respond to comments and questions promptly,

host polls, answer reviews and just embr

ace the social-ness of social media.

As you can see, there are tons of ways for you to promote your business on Facebook and build your

brand without spending a cent. But, you will need to invest time and energy into the platform to get

the most out of it.

Everything goes smoother with a plan of action. So, if you need a little help getting started, >> CLICK HERE << to book in a Business Road Map Session, and together we will set you off on your Facebook journey in no time!

About Louise Stephens | Business Strategist | Digital Marketing Coach

Louise Stephens has been working as a business strategist for 10 years & more specifically over the past 4 years as a digital marketing coach in her own business.

Louise is truly passionate about is teaching small business owners how to harness the power of Facebook to attract paying customers & clients.

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