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8 Simple Steps To 10x Your Instagram Growth & Attract Paying Customers/Clients

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner trying to "show up", inspire or attract paying customers/clients on Instagram? You hear of others achieving massive growth, building a tribe of faithful followers & attracting paying customers/clients but instead of getting your slice of the "Insta pie", you're swimming in a pool of confusion. You have NO IDEA what to post about & instead of gaining followers you're losing them faster than Donald Trump tweets on Twitter? Don't worry, I got your back! Today I am going to share with you the exact steps my clients take where they go from posting their amazing knowledge & products to well, no one. To being seen as an EXPERT in their industry, 10x their growth AND attracting paying customers/clients! Let's Insta Do This!

Step 1 - Sign Up or Create A Business Profile That Is SEPARATE To Your Personal One Woohooo - many of you will have already achieved this step (high five) buutttt if you're in the "I'm not too at social media" boat & you're yet to take the plunge, it's time to jump on your phone, download the app & sign up! OR, if you are an active user on Instagram but you're currently mixing your personal posts with business posts, it's time to step it up & create a whole profile dedicated to your business. This way friends & family can continue sharing in your life & CHOOSE if they'd like to follow your business content too. Step 2 - Switch Your Dedicated Business Account To A 'Business Profile' This step is super easy & will take you all of about 60 seconds. All you need to do is jump into the Instagram App & bring up the account you have created for your business. Then it's time to hit the 3 small dots found at the top right of your screen, this brings up what is called 'Options'. Scroll half way down your page until you see 'Switch to Business Profile'. Tap on it & then hit the blue box 'continue' & follow along. The reason why we change our business account to a business profile is so that we have access to data & user analytics which will help you get to know your followers & perfect customers/clients better (e.g what time their online the most so you can post your content accordingly) Step 3 - Creating Your Sexy Profile Profile Photo - If you're a product based business then your logo could be a great idea & if you're a service based business then either go with your logo or YOU! Whatever you feel your perfect customer/client will be attracted to most Name - Instead of literally use your name, insert what it is your business is all about. This way when your perfect customer/client goes to search for a business that has your product or service, yours will come up in their search. REMEMBER your perfect customer/client doesn't know your name yet, they are just looking for what you offer! Username - I get asked all the time should I call my profile my name or something else.. I recommend calling your profile by whatever name your customers/clients will search for you under. If the would search for your name then perfect, use that. If they would search for your business name then go with that one! Thing long term here, if you're just starting out & you're thinking about your friends & family following you... think about what your CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS will be looking for in say 1-5 years time. Website - If you have a website address then perfect, pop that in here. Or if you are a little more in the know how & have multiple places to direct your followers by using a site like linktree then this is your place to paste that link! OR, if you don't have either of these yet, then use a link that will direct your potential customer/client to a site that show cases your product/service. E.G Your Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn Profile etc. Bio - This is your opportunity to get create & insert your fave emojis here! The Bio Area is a short description where you tell people about yourself. While the total number of the characters in the bio is limited to 160, you can still play with it and make it look nice. To add line breaks I recommend writing your bio in the notepad on your phone & then copy & paste over. You can change the alignment of the text by using extra spacing at the start of your content or throughout. Just remember that all those spaces are included in your 160 characters! Step 4 - POST CONTENT! It doesn't matter if your a newbie or been on The Gram since it was first launched. You HAVE to post AT LEAST 1x per day to continue to engage, build trust, build relationships & showcase your amazing brand. If you want to post more then go for it, but please don't go insta cra cra & start posting just because you can Step 5 - Be PROACTIVE & create a plan! This is where my clients come to me rolling their eyes telling me it's impossible to come up with content to share on a daily basis & I must be crazy! LOL! So what's my secret?!?! Brainstorm 7-9 categories/subjects/themes that represent your product/service/business & rotate through them each day of the week. When you have specific themes you can draw upon each day, it makes it SO much easier to come up with engaging, entertaining or inspirational content every day. To give you a bit of a kick start, here are my daily themes & each week I sit down & write the content & find the right images accordingly. Monday - Motivation Tuesday & Thursday - Business Tips Wednesday & Sunday - Balance & Self Care Friday - End of the week celebrations Saturday - Friends/family Each of these subjects represent me & the values of my business & what I coach my clients... So now, it's your turn to come up with yours! Step 6 - Create A Picture Perfect Feed Now that you have your "shop front" open & you're posting gorgeous images of your products, yourself, inspo quotes etc... the next step is to ensure it's VISUALLY appealing to your potential customers/clients. There's a couple of options you can choose from here 1) If you are posting real life images & like using old mate filters then choose ONE & use that filter on every photo or image that you share 2) If your'e not sharing real life images but more of a professional photo/stock image kinda gal/guy then select a colour from your logo & incorporate that colour into all of your postings. Your logo & it's colouring is the first place you start building trust with your audience so use one of those same colours across your social platforms to keep the trust growing! 3) Maybe your'e a half/half kinda gal/guy, you enjoy sharing real photos AND professional/stock images. All good homies, continue as you are & apply the ONE filter across all of your images regardless of where they come from. This will keep the colours "linking" in your feed & again, build trust to your followers 4) Use a white border. This option is great for products! Download an app such as 'Preview App', upload your chosen image, apply the white border, download & then upload into Instagram. This option requires a bit more time, sadly there isn't a white border option inside of Instagram just yet 5) There are more options but I will go into those in the 'Instagram For Newbies' e-book I am currently working on & will be available no later than next week so stay tuned... Step 7 - Holy Hashtag! In case you haven't worked it out yet, Instagram is all about the # & if you don't have this right it don't matter how good your bio is, how pretty your images are OR how freaking amazing your content is... no one will see it! So here's a few tips on #'s & how to get your awesomeness in front of your perfect customer/clients! 1 - Use all THIRTY! Think of #'s like they are marketing tools to get your product/service in front of your target audience only they are FREE! We get them, so use them! 2 - Create a new set of #'s each month & rotate through them. This will ensure you're content is constantly reaching a new audience across Instagram & attracting new amazing followers from all corners of the world with a variety of interests suited to what you share 3 - Use #'s that will get your content in front of your PERFECT customer/clients. Write down a list of your competitors & check out what they are using.. then use the same! Brainstorm what your business is all about & the product/services you offer. Then write a list of potential #'s you could use, jump into the app or online & enter your ideas into the search bar to see if that # already exists &/or other suggestions they recommend you can use Step 8 - ENGAGE! Firstly, post at the time your perfect customer/client is ONLINE! You can see these times under 'insights' > 'audience' When someone comments on your post ALWAYS respond. Even if you think it's an automated post & not a real person. Your perfect customer/client doesn't know that there are things call "bots" that are created to grow some peoples followings for them, so if they see you don't respond they may not comment in fear that you won't respond to them too! Dedicate a minimum of 10 mins per day to ENGAGE with others. Instead of channel surfing between your fave TV show at night, jump on Instagram & spend a few minutes liking & commenting on others posts in your main feed. This will encourage those who you follow or are suggested to follow to check out your bio & decide if they like your product/service & follow you back ALWAYS REMEMBER, platforms like Instagram were created for us to ENGAGE not sell.. so the people who engage the most, build the most trust WILL turn the most potential customers/clients into paying ones!

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