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Why New Year Resolutions Are A Load Of Bullsh*t

I have never really been one to set New Years Resolutions, which may seem interesting to some people seeing as I talk so much about the importance of knowing your Vision, Mission & short term Goals for your business (& life). But you see, in my opinion, New Years Resolutions are a load of bullsh*it! More often than not, we spurt out all these amazing intentions to improve our health, progress up the corporate ladder or FINALLY start the business of our dreams so we can live a more aligned, flexible life.. Which are all great things, but whether we realise it or not, we are actually setting intentions which we will fail at almost every single time. As a result, we anchor failure & over time set less & less goals for ourselves because all we can remember are the New Year Resolutions we fail to achieve every single year. Why? Because most New Years Resolutions are things we would like to give up or gain, but we don't set any strategy behind how we are going to achieve what it is we really want. We make these statements, share them with family & friends & then that's it.. there is no "road map" actually explaining to our very literal brain how it is we will get from where we currently are to achieving what it is that we really want. So, my advice this New Years Eve, throw away the "resolutions" & instead set goals for yourself that are actually backed up with realistic stepping stones to achieve what it is you set out to do & make sure you celebrate all the mini wins along the way as a positive reinforcement & to anchor the feeling of success. x

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