Hey, I'm Lou

I Teach Women How To Harness The Power of their Money-Mindset & Accelerate Their Business To Financial Success

About Louise Stephens

I am business strategist & digital marketing coach who is PASSIONATE about teaching women how to confidently 'show up' AND grow their businesses online.

In case you're like me, I'm the first to admit that I didn't choose the entrepreneur life, it chose ME!


For just shy of 9 years I worked for Australia's Largest Travel Retailer. Progressing from front end retail, into leadership positions & then finally landing my "dream job" as a career coach & talent management extraordinaire.


After analyzing an already successful business model, I identified, implemented and drove key business strategies to improve employee retention, overall sales performance and general health and well-being among the employees I coached nationally.

As a result, in 2015, I led my team to not only being recognized but winning a National AHRI Award for Talent Management.


In case you're not picking up what I'm putting down, I literally lived, breathed & LOVED what I did

Until I decided I wanted MORE!

After investing in a start up business & struggling to maintain my high expectations in both, in late 2016 I took a HUGE leap of faith, leaving my corporate career behind to embark on a new adventure.

Only after celebrating 24 hours of 'freedom', I came to see that life wasn't quite what I believed it to be.

Finding myself in many abusive & emotionally toxic relationships, I was forced to once again dig deep, finding the courage to walk away & start anew.

Medically unfit to work, suffering severe anxiety, depression, paranoia & social withdrawal, I lay on the floor of my apartment vowing to do whatever it took to heal myself & turn my passion for social media, human behaviour & coaching into my own business.


Spending most of 2017 homeless, couch surfing between family & friends in both Australia & New Zealand I was determined to defy the odds & to never give up on my dreams!

As I focused on my own personal 'healing', I continued to develop my coaching toolkit with formal education, investment in a business mentor & commitment to continuous personal growth.


As a result, the vision for my business was brought to life. Not only by creating the flexibility to travel, work & spend time with friends & family when I choose, but also providing me with the financial freedom to live a life I love!

Work With Me

Business Mastery Club

Did you know that 90% of your customers or clients search your business online before investing in your products or services?

If that doesn't say something about the power of social media & the impact it has on the financial success of your business, then I don't know what will!


The Business Mastery Club is a monthly subscription that teaches you all you need to know about Social Media Marketing (minus the endless hours of research & confusion) & the exact strategies on how to not only grow your 'following' BUT turn them into paying customers or clients too!


Half Day -
Business Accelerator Session

Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed & unsure if your business is heading in the right direction?

Up until now you've enjoyed 'winging' it, only now it's time to get more serious & you know to in order to take your business to the next level, you need to create a path way to success!

The Business Accelerator Session is a in person, half-day event where we will discuss where you want your business to be, identify where it is now & together, create a step by step 'business road map' to ensure you know exactly how to get to your next financial destination.

Following on from our time together, you will also receive 1x 60 minute follow up via ZOOM to ask any further questions, make any adjustments & of course celebrate the success you've already achieved!

Personalised 1:1 Business Coaching

So you've launched your 'dream business', only all the excitements worn off & you've come to realise you have no idea what you're doing!

Although you've achieved some great success so far, your 'to do' list is a mile long & your working more than you ever did in your 9-5.

What's worse is your results don't match & you're starting to wonder if the 'business owner' lifestyle is for you!


Girlfriend, it doesn't have to be this way & I am here to help!


Now, I'm not your fairy God Mother. YOU will have to do the work but if you're committed, driven & have a go-getter attitude then I can help you get to where you want to go.


Working with me 1:1 will not only ensure you hit your business goals BUT you'll reclaim your life & have fun again!

Home Grown - Interview Series

Join Louise where she meets with normal, every day women from Australia & New Zealand as they share their inspirational stories & why they choose to champion change not only in business but in life!

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