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Kick Start Your Start Up Workshop

"A Hands On Interactive Social Media Workshop for Coaches, Healers & Entrepreneurs"


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"A Hands On Interactive Social Media Workshop for Coaches, Healers & Entrepreneurs"

Saturday 1 September, 2018

The Studio, Plenty of Everything Cafe

224 Plenty Road, Preston 3072



Tea, Coffee & Light Refreshments Provided

What Results You Will Achieve From Attending This Workshop:

Clarity & Direction

- Instantly breakthrough feeling "overwhelmed", "stuck" & "frustrated" 
- Connect to your long term vision & discover the exact steps you need to take to achieve your short & long term goals
- Set your business up for long term success

Personal Branding 

- Discover 5 super simple steps on how to "show up" online
- Be seen as an expert in your industry from day 1
- Launching Your Legacy? Start your brand right the FIRST time!


- Discover HOW to always be one step ahead of the ever changing algorithm
- Holy Hashtag! Discover the power of the # & how to strategically target your perfect customer/client with your images & content
- Always running out of ideas on what to post? Discover all the tips & tricks & never be short on ideas again!

A clear PLAN to ensure you take MASSIVE ACTION from day one!

- CONFIDENCE; Leave the workshop with clarity & direction
- Develop a clear plan on the exact steps you need to take to achieve your 90 day goals & beyond
- Start implementing the tools & get into massive action

Do you find yourself:

  •  Waking up in the morning, hitting that snooze button & wishing you didn't have to go to work?

  •  Dreaming of turning your passion for helping people into your own business only right now your'e stuck in overwhelm, confused about where to start

  •  Feeling frustrated because you "started a business" only you have NO IDEA how to start attracting PAYING customers/clients

  •  Face palming yourself.. When it comes to online marketing, you experience a constant brain freeze. Running out of content to post, feeling anxious about hitting that 'Live' button & as for algorithms & hashtags, where do you even begin?

If So Then This Workshop Is For You!

I am super excited to host this LIVE Melbourne workshop for outgoing, career driven men & women who are ready to take control of their career & turn their passion for helping people into their own business


By attending our workshop you will discover not only how to create a plan that has you focused & working towards transitioning out of your 9-5 or attracting more of your perfect customers/clients BUT also key strategies on how to marketing your business online & attract your perfect customers/clients for FREE!

This is not just another goal setting workshop. We have a focus on getting outside of our comfort zones & taking ACTION...

What You Will Discover During Our Workshop:

  •  Be supported and led through the day by a courageous woman who has walked this journey herself 
    - Louise is a trained, qualified & has 7 years experience working as a career coaching in Corporate Australia as well as a business &mindset coach in her own business. 
    - She is now on a mission to help other powerful men & women turn their passion into their own business by empowering them to become the confident & courageous leaders they truly are!

  •  Be given useful tools that work AND then put them to use whilst being supported on the day
    - Knowledge is power, but only when applied!
    - Have the tools that are proven to work & create your perfect strategy with the support of Louise on the day

  •  Develop your own personalized plan for moving forward & starting to take massive ACTION
    - Have the exact steps mapped out to ensure you can take massive action in 'Kick Starting Your Start Up'
    - Have confidence that you know exactly where to begin & start building momentum in your business

  •  Connect and share with others experiencing the same journey
    - Meet other inspiring women who know they were meant for more than the mundane 9-5 but haven't known where to start
    - Share your challenges & be there to support others who are ready to reach out & overcome the challenges they are facing!
    - Have FUN! Turning your passion into your own business is EXCITING so why not get out of our comfort zones, have a few laugh & encourage each other along the way!

Having worked with over THOUSANDS of men, women &

solo-entrepreneurs to re-balance their lives & turn their passion into a profitable business, hear what others have to say about Louise!

Louise Stephens, business coach extraordinaire!

I almost don't want to make this post, because I kinda want to keep her all for myself 😉. I never knew what kind of benefits having a business coach would achieve that I couldn't just google myself. Until this woman showed up. And, at just the right time. Thank you universe!


Based in Melbourne, Louise and I communicate by phone and messages. I've grown and my confidence has tripled in just a few weeks. All with the guidance and help of this incredible lady, who has her own equally incredible story.

If you are starting out in business or just want some help with growth, then Louise is your woman ! 💞


-Leila Field, Owner & Massage Therapist at Complete Body Harmony, Hobart. AUSTRALIA

"I appreciate this woman so much and I am so blessed for what she's done for me and my business she has made me grow step out of my comfort zone and really take action. ​ 

You are truly amazing at what you do and I really can't wait for what the future holds for the both of us."


- Jessica Harland, CEO & Creator of Empowering Mee, Sydney. Australia

Louise does an amazing job at being what you need to get your biz going.


Whether that’s marketing, giving you a push to get going, helping out with tech suggestions, lifting you up when things didn’t go to plan, devising a business strategy with you.... Louise does it all.


I really couldn’t have gotten to the stage I am in my business without Louise’s help and if you are looking for a business coach I highly recommend having a chat with Louise

- Vicky Perry, Flow Tribe Yoga, Brisbane. Australia

One of the best business coaches I ever meet.


Louise does her business from the heart and she knows exactly what your business needs in order to grow.


Yes, I was skeptic at first with her strategies not until the day I'd seen massive result.


Thank you for the amazing journey we shared together.


I would definitely recommend Louise to anyone who needs some guidance and strategy for their business.

- Anne Martos, Owner of Massage Emporium, Brisbane. Australia

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