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Client Success Stories

Meet Leyla Harry; Energy healer, business strategy & branding coach + the creator of The Conscious Tribe.

Only 12 short weeks ago Leyla felt stuck, overwhelmed & unsure how to bring her dream of empowering women in business to life.

Join me as Leyla shares her incredibly inspiration journey. From questioning "if it's the right time" to courageously launching her

business & turning dreaming into ACTION!

Keana has always had a passion for helping others!

Having completed a Bachelor in Psychology in 2018 as well as further NLP & Coaching studies in both 2018 & 2019, she knew she had the experience & skills to start her own coaching business BUT had no idea where to start!

Join us to discover how Keana went from graduate to booking out an online self-love challenge & in less than 6 months run her first retreat.

Lakhana had known for many years that her purpose was to empower women & men to live their best lives.

As she completed her final coaching studies, she started to think,

"How do I now turn my passion for coaching into my own business & start making the impact on people I know I am here to make."

Discover how Lakhana went from Coaching Graduate to attracting multiple paying clients & completing her first guest speaking in event in LESS than 6 months!

In 2012 Joy left an abusive relationship to start over again. After meeting her now husband, she started a family & next step was to turn her passion in her own business

Only she had now idea HOW!

Discover how she turned her lack of confidence around where she now has paying clients & is transitioning out of her 9-5 job!

Leila was only days away from walking away from her dream massage business to return to full time employment.

Discover how she turned it all around & had her most profitable month in ONLY 5 weeks!

What Lou has helped me achieve in three months is phenomenal! I went from a very small social media following and the odd sale on Etsy; to my own website, a thriving social media following and a huge increase in sales, including overseas. Lou is always so positive & has helped me to believe in my business and myself. If you are considering a business coach I can highly recommend Live What You Love Business Coaching!

- Shannon Burns, Wild Flower Lane Boutique

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