Crush Your Fear Of Failure In Less Than 3 Minutes

August 20, 2018


Do you dream of turning your passion into your own business only there seems to be something in the way.. blocking you.. holding you back?

You've invested countless hours into talking about it, researching, studying,.. yet you don't seem to be any closer than where you were yesterday, last week, or last year.

Or maybe you've taken those scary first steps. 

You've put in the hard yards, taken MASSIVE action & now basking in sun as you continue to attract more & more of your dream clients/customers.

Only you thought when you made profit you'd be happy, then you did & you decided to set new, scary goals.
Then you thought you'd be happy when you replaced your full time income, which you did & now what?

You know you were destined for more, but that feeling of uncertainty has crept back in.

You know that instead of investing more TIME into your business, it's time to start investing more MONEY but are you ready for that? You'd just started enjoying a consistent flow of income into your business & now you're going to risk it all again?

You see, the funny thing is that it doesn't matter where we are in our business, start up or scaling for global growth, the fear, emotions, thoughts of procrastination & destruction never go away.

We just get much quicker at recognizing our thoughts & limiting beliefs, listening to them & then taking the action required to prove ourselves wrong & achieve goals we questioned were actually achievable in the first place

The exciting thing is, WE control the outcome. WE control if we succeed or if we fail.

The only difference between if you'll succeed or if you will fail, is the time you spend thinking about all the reasons why you'll fail, instead of taking ACTION towards all the reasons why you will succeed!

I am absolutely no different. I still have days where I have an internal tantrum, convincing myself to book that one way plane ticket to the Caribbean, put all my things in storage & jet off never to be seen again.

However, I have heard that story enough times now to know that is just my friend Mr. Fear trying to tempt me & instead of listening to him, I thank him for visiting as I now know it's really an internal sign that I am on the right path to achieving the next goal (& I turn that anxiety into excitement, reminding myself that this game is fun!)

Now, I am sure we can all agree. That's much easier said than done right?!?

So today, I am going to share with you 3 different situations you may find yourself in & how to breakthrough the F.E.A.R in less than 3 minutes!

We're stronger together, let's do this!



Situation 1: Are you procrastinating?

You know you need to complete a task URGENTLY but you keep saying "I'll do it tomorrow".. 
When you find this happening, stop & ask yourself "WHY?" - What is holding you back from taking action now? 

Listen to your inner voice, acknowledge the feedback you're giving yourself. 

Now DO IT!

Put your big girl/boy pants on, ignore all the reasons why it can wait & "eat the frog" NOW

As soon as you have completed the dreaded "thing" you didn't want to do, give yourself a pat on the back.. high five yourself.. celebrate the s**t out of completing the one thing you really didn't want to do.

By celebrating your achievement your body will start release serotonin & dopamine hormones into your body, anchoring happiness into you psyche.

The more you do the tasks you don't want to do & celebrate getting them done, you will engrain internal happiness into your mind & over time completing the same tasks will become easy & maybe even your favourite things to do!

Situation 2: The Force is strong in this one... & that internal dialogue is giving you "anxiety", sweaty palms & leaving you trembling in your boots!

I know this situation quite well... in fact there was a good couple of years where I really gave permission to that internal dialogue to hold me back. I felt like I went from "lights off" to "lights on" where I didn't hear any internal muttering to hearing A LOT!  I didn't understand what had happened & then I didn't know how to change it!

I am certain that there's many ways to overcome the "voices" of self destruction & sabotage but for me, as cheesy as this may sound, I turn these negative thoughts into positive affirmations & fill my walls with them.

Our brains are super literal, they don't understand what is real & what isn't so by literally putting images or written dialogue in front our eyes on a daily basis, we feed the good stuff to our brains & turn those negative thoughts into positive, empowering ones!

Situations 3: Your whole life is filled with excuses... "I don't have the time".. "I hate my job/weight/being single/where I live but I'm happy just going with the flow"... "I don't have the money".. "My partner said I couldn't do it".. blah blah blah

Think of a time where you really wanted something, maybe it was new shoes.. maybe it was a holiday.. maybe it was a new car. Whatever it was, you made it happen right?!? 

It's a fact, we will always make the time, find the money, tell our partner what we want to do do or don't want to do etc. when it's a PRIORITY

So starting your business or growing it into the global empire you dream of, IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU!
Unless you find the time to make the goals of your business a priority, you NEVER will
Unless you find the money to invest into your business or into a coach/mentor/further study, you will NEVER get to where you want to go
Unless you tell your partner what your goals are & how you're going to get there, they will NEVER believe you because you lack the certainty & confidence in yourself to get out there & do it

Sitting in fairyland thinking about all the goals you want to achieve, or staring at your vision board willing your desires to manifest right in front of your eyes, WILL NEVER COME UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO RISK IT ALL!

The human spirit is STRONGYOU have the solution to every problem you will ever face. So stop listening to your bulls**t stories & start taking action.