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3 Steps To Stop Chasing Sales & Start Attracting Long Term Wealth

Are you a coach, healer or small business owner who is STRUGGLING to attract paying customers or clients? You attend networking events at least once a month You comment, interact & engage on Facebook, Instagram or one of the many online social platforms You are showing up on your personal & business social media pages YET, you just can't seem to break through! You're frustrated, you feel stuck & it feels like a life time ago your bank balance exceeded a few dollars for longer than a week! I see you, I hear you, I understand you... I talk to both men & women who feel EXACTLY the same way as you & it is why I am here talking to you. I truly want you to know that you're not alone & I am here to help! Today I am going to share with you THREE of my top strategies to STOP chasing sales that leave you feeling like you're becoming that "sleazy car salesman" to attracting your perfect customer/client, building an authentic connection with them which then leads them to purchasing from you (instead of running a mile & talking about their experience with you to all their friends, family & local supermarket assistant) These are some of the EXACT strategies that have turned many of my clients businesses from being on the verge of closing to generating profit & massive growth within a matter of weeks!

Strategy #1 Clarity - To attract your perfect customer or client you must first know WHO THEY ARE! This will either sound super simple to you OR super crazy! But, if you don't know who it is that you're trying to help then how you can possibly start attracting them? Every day I talk to both men & women who are struggling in business. Once they have explained to me their biggest problems my first question is "So, who do you help & what problem do you solve?" It is here that the phone normally goes silent, words started to be mumbled or heads started to turn onto their side like I'd just started talking another language, then after a few moments the most common response I get is "Actually, I don't know!" If this is you then it's time to sit down & decide on WHO your perfect customer or client is. What their problems are, what the solution you offer is, what their dreams are, what their biggest nightmares are if they don't purchase your product or service. Once you are super clear on WHO this person is, you'll be surprised how magically you've gone from "I don't know how to attract my perfect customer or client" to "Oh my goodness, my perfect customer or client is EVERYWHERE!" Strategy #2 Stalk Your Niche - No, I don't mean literally start following them around BUT as a business owner who provides a product or service to HELP people, you need to know your perfect customer or client better than they know themselves.

When we know our customers or clients problems, frustrations, their FEELINGS then not only do we know that we can help them BUT they know we can too because WE GET THEM! 78% of people buy from EMOTION. They have a PROBLEM & they want it SOLVED! By investing time in understanding the needs & feelings of your perfect customer or client makes you relatable during the sales experience and also shows that you actually care. People buy from people they like! Show you customer that you care, that you understand them & that your product or service will solve their PAIN, then guess what..your perfect customer/client will become your loyal PAYING customer/client for as long as you can continue to solve their problems Strategy #3 Do NOT show your boobs on your first date - & when I say boobs I mean reveal your prices BEFORE you've shown them the VALUE of your product or service & how it can HELP them! To me the customer sales experience is EXACTLY the same as the dating. Only when we are making a decision to buy a product or service, we're more than likely not on the search for a life partner at the time But what we are doing, regardless of if you are conscious to this or not, we are looking to either purchase a product or service from someone who has the solution to the problem we have, we like OR who we want to be like or have similar in the future (just like in Harry Met Sally, "I'll have what she's having!) So if this is the case then why in the world would be pick up the phone or respond to an email when someone just wants to know "how much" WITHOUT building a relationship, asking questions to establish if what our product or service will in fact help our potential customer as well as give ourselves the best possible opportunity to provide VALUE before we start discussing the price? As a consumer I very rarely buy a product or a service unless I know I am investing my hard earned money into a product or service I actually need. So as a business owner who prides herself on building an AUTHENTIC, LONG TERM BRAND, I would NEVER try & sell what I have BEFORE I know if what I have on offer is actually needed by my potential customer/client & if it will in fact solve their problem BEFORE I start talking about the investment/price. Now, I totally get it. There are loads of people out there who have a burning desire to just spend money because it makes them feel good OR because they have a burning hole in their pocket & don't really care where & what it is that they're buying, just as long as they are. BUT, taking advantage of these people will NOT serve your product, your service OR your BRAND in the long term. Sure a whole bunch of quick sales may aid your bank balance & need to external gratification in the short term BUT with little to no customer/client reviews endorsing your product or service & no repeat or referral customers you will find yourself returning straight to "business is hard & I suck at sales" in no time!

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