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There is a little bit of magic in us all, all we need to do is believe

There are so many things that I LOVE about being a business coach.

I love it when I first connect with a potential client, I love it when the passion & excitement of what these women want to do with their business & life is revealed BUT what I LOVE the most is that moment of pure vulnerability. When the passion & excitement is stripped away & the truth is shared, the "I've totally got this!" bullshit mask is removed & they tell me the brutal honesty about the reality of where their dream business is at, their ego disappears & they say "Lou, can you please help me?"

As a truly authentic coach, sometimes I say no because I honestly can't & instead I will find them someone who can, because I respect myself & I respect the amazing individual who has put it all on the line to make a difference to their own life & for those they care about.

But then there are those who I say yes to & it is then that there is truly some magic that happens.

That magic, is called BELIEF!

In a world filled with uncertainty, lack of connection &, well just pure fear, there is that "inner child" in all of us looking for someone we look up to, to say "You've got this & I will prove it to you if you let me".

Sometimes along the way we will battle with that voice inside of our head. You know the one, the one who questions if we are doing the right thing... if we are trusting the right person/people... if we can in fact achieve what we believe is possible, when we are told by those around us that we can in fact not.

But, instead of listening we tell ourselves to just keep going. If you're like me, I say to myself time & time again... "Just one more round" & as challenged as we may feel, or as frustrated as we may get, we are too far down that rabbit hole to turn back & let's be honest, we would rather die than to have the non-believers turn around & say "I told you so".

So, we forge on, in an world of uncertainty, never knowing if the next step we take will be the right or wrong one, yet trusting that what we are doing is aligned to the purpose of our soul & the life we were born to live.

We stumble, we fall, we cry, we get back up again, we laugh.. we grow.

We rinse, we repeat.

Although it never gets easier somehow we just get stronger & the belief we found someone had in us, we start to believe it in ourselves.

What we dreamed we could do but on an unconscious level never actually believed would happen, happens & it is right there, that is my most fave part of all.

I write this because I speak to amazing women (& men) every day. Many of which are struggling being in a job they hate but have no idea how to get out. Ready to turn to their once part time hobby into a business so they can create the life they choose, not have it chosen for them. Or others who have started & thought "hey, others are doing it so hard can it be", but they too find themselves struggling & again, have no idea how to turn it all around.

Regardless of where you are at in the journey of your business, your health, your relationships, YOUR LIFE... know & trust that if you are daring enough to believe, MAGIC does in fact exist & you can always turn it all around.

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