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What You Need To Do Next

1, 2, 3... In commmiinngggggg!!!

On it's way to you right now will be your WELCOME email! 
It is super important that you receive & read this as it has your personal log in details to the 'Members Only' Area of this page as well as all our emergency contact numbers in case you need to reach us out of hours!

In the next 24-48 hours Louise will be calling to say "Ola!", introduce herself & lock you in for your initial 'Clarity' call that takes place with ALL our members BEFORE they commence Week 1 of the Kick Start Your Start Up Program


If you chose The Kick Start Your Start Up Group Discovery Program, each week you will receive extra wisdom offerings before our weekly LIVE training!

If you don't receive anything, please email so she can check it out!

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Did You Decide To Join The Kick Start Your Start Up Group Discovery Program?
Click on the Facebook Icon above to be lead straight to The Kick Start Your Start Up Membership Group.

STOP! Don't move... not even once... any second you'll be on the inside!

"That's It Folks" - Lovely, it's time to get EXCITED & prepare to have some FUN!!!!
We can't wait to hear more about you, your business & officially Kick Start Your Start Up!

Need Help?


— Patricia Michelena, National Director of Digital Media at AIESEC Australia

"Louise cares about the people she works with. She goes into your business and makes your goals hers with all the energy and passion that she can give you. If you’re considering working with her I’m telling you to do it!"

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