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A flexible & affordable monthly subscription that teaches you all you need to know about Social Media Marketing (minus the endless hours of research & throwing money into ads that don't work) & the exact strategies on how to not only grow your 'following' BUT turn them into paying customers or clients too!


Did you know that 90% of potentials customers or clients search your business online before investing in your products or services?

This can be a pretty daunting statistic if;

a) You've returned to growing your business face to face because you've tried to grow your business online but don't think it's for you

b) You're consistently "showing up" but no one is commenting on your posts

c) You know you should be 'doing more' & utilising tools such as Live Videos, Stories , IGTV & Hashtags but you have no idea how to turn 'interested' followers into engaged & paying ones
d) You're investing in paid ads but not seeing the return that you'd hoped or need to continue to grow!

The good news is that The Business Mastery Club is here for YOU!

What Can I Expect By Joining The Business Mastery Club?

  • Kiss good-bye to confusion & overwhelm

Growing a business online can be pretty overwhelming right?!?

Just when you think you've got the hang of it, the algorithm gets an update, we get a new tool to play with, oh & did I mention, a whole new platform comes to the party as well?!?

The Business Mastery Club is here to save the day & do the RESEARCH for you!

Saving you countless hours of time, overwhelm & money!

  • Two simple strategies or tool to implement each month

Hands up​ who's sick of spending all their 'free' time researching the latest social trends & trying to find the the next greatest secret to making money online!

Each month you will receive two PROFITABLE marketing strategies straight to your inbox.

No more throwing your hard earned cash into marketing campaigns that don't work & giving you back your time to spend it doing what you love, with the ones you love!

  • Support & accountability to ensure you smash your biz goals!

Join our secret online community where you have access to accountability, support & encouragement from Louise Stephens + other Business Mastery Club Members.

In case that wasn't enough, each month Louise runs TWO exclusive, members only, LIVE Masterclasses where she offers additional training, insight & of course a LIVE Q & A!

Who Is The Business Mastery Club For?

  • Women!

         Sorry Gents but The Business Mastery Club is for the ladies only!

  • Owners of either Product or Service businesses that are in AT LEAST their 2nd year of business
    I hear so often that there's so many people teaching online marketing 101 but very few teaching the 102! 

    Girlfriend, I heard you & this is exactly why The Business Mastery Club was created!

    If you're already 'showing up' but want to know the secrets to growing your online influence AND attracting more paying customers or clients, then this is 'The Club' for you! 

  • Women who love to implement & take ACTION!
    The Business Mastery Club is for women who dare to dream big, who are determine to take over the world AND they take the action to back it up.

    I am here to hold you accountable, support you AND provide you with everything you need to know about growing your brand, influence & profits online. But unless you're willing to do the work, I can't help you.

    So please don't waste your time, energy or money if you're only here because it's 'the coolest club in town'. Join us because you're ready & committed to take your business & your life to the next level!

Your Monthly Subscription of $97 NZD Includes:


No more guessing games!

Delivered straight to your inbox, each month you will receive two of the EXACT strategies that Louise has & continues to use to grow & attract paying customers & clients online.


We are firm believers in what gets said gets done!

Every week you have the opportunity to share goals, followed by a Friday celebration for what gets done!

For those that need an extra push of motivation, you just never know when you'll hear directly from Louise to check in & encourage you to take that next step forward!



We understand that running your own business can be lonely!

As a member of The Business Mastery Club you no longer have to do it alone!

Not only do you have direct access to asking Louise questions & the opportunity to attend 2x monthly LIVE Q & A's but you also have a whole group of liked-minded business owners cheering you on!

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